1. Introduce ttcn3-stp-test (details)
  2. Add docker image for osmo-nitb-latest (details)
Commit 5e70a2972774ce891aa302ec2f464b4e2840f094 by Pau Espin Pedrol
Introduce ttcn3-stp-test
Currently builds from osmo-ttcn3-hacks.git branch laforge/stp instead of
master, since it's only available in the former branch. Once it gets
merged, we can modify Dockerfile as explained in it.
OS#4220 Change-Id: I635c891f5da7b8c59527abbad14d7377465d1045
The file was addedttcn3-stp-test/STP_Tests.cfg
The file was addedttcn3-stp-test/jenkins.sh
The file was addedttcn3-stp-test/Makefile
The file was addedttcn3-stp-test/Dockerfile
The file was addedttcn3-stp-test/osmo-stp.cfg
Commit d74bc618e5cbdb2528d84246f85a12662bf198a8 by dwillmann
Add docker image for osmo-nitb-latest
Change-Id: I23cb350ded2940bd63b47ae84e44faa3292b0d9d
The file was addedosmo-nitb-latest/osmo-bsc-nat.cfg
The file was addedosmo-nitb-latest/Release.key
The file was addedosmo-nitb-latest/bscs.config
The file was addedosmo-nitb-latest/Dockerfile
The file was addedosmo-nitb-latest/openbsc.cfg
The file was addedosmo-nitb-latest/Makefile