1. enb: add basic TDD config option (details)
  2. mod-enb-cell-2ca: fix EARFCN (details)
  3. rfemu_gnuradio_zmq: fix amplitude conversion (details)
  4. mod-gr-broker: add scenario to easily enable the GR broker (details)
  5. intra-freq-ho{-sameport}.conf: add scenarios for intra-freq HO cells (details)
Commit d0682bad0ff8ea61ca00aa212e4967fe1e187fd5 by pespin
enb: add basic TDD config option

this patch adds the basic notion of FDD and TDD duplexing modes
to the eNB object. So far we've always assume FDD.

Since only Amarisoft eNB supports TDD, the required config
template changes, etc. are only applied there.

The patch also adds a scenario to enable the default TDD config.

Change-Id: I37216b5bfdf527d221913283b6c41d3c8fd6b500
The file was modifiedsrc/osmo_gsm_tester/obj/enb.py
The file was modifiedsysmocom/defaults.conf
The file was addedsysmocom/scenarios/mod-enb-tdd.conf
The file was modifiedsrc/osmo_gsm_tester/obj/enb_amarisoft.py
The file was modifiedsrc/osmo_gsm_tester/templates/amarisoft_enb.cfg.tmpl
Commit 27b603f7e26421e88c6476e0135feed1c5465829 by pespin
mod-enb-cell-2ca: fix EARFCN

this scenario for 2xCA needs to have both cells on different EARFCN

Change-Id: I3cd12da5453aa659839862775e23d4a308b92c8e
The file was modifiedsysmocom/scenarios/mod-enb-cells-2ca.conf
Commit d5579fa38e91714d8ad49d7222bec665f46cc4c1 by pespin
rfemu_gnuradio_zmq: fix amplitude conversion

fix dB to amplitude conversion and adjust max attenuation value

Change-Id: I5a94d5d31e7dc85ab37bd281f95374ad825a41ff
The file was modifiedsrc/osmo_gsm_tester/obj/rfemu_gnuradio_zmq.py
Commit caa680ceeb1048f5c51affbe2937f6872c8b4cf8 by pespin
mod-gr-broker: add scenario to easily enable the GR broker

Change-Id: I4397e26713778721b7138b03b7a5f8f63f780d44
The file was addedsysmocom/scenarios/mod-gr-broker.conf
Commit c230efcb19b88bdaf2fb44d87075c60d69e5dacc by pespin
intra-freq-ho{-sameport}.conf: add scenarios for intra-freq HO cells

we need to use two different configs for Amarisoft and srsENB.
Amarisoft combines the two cells and transmits them on the same
RF port, whereas srsENB sends them on a single port each.

Change-Id: I3a2a8ae7bf4ed2dab6efba8550f442a741ad92e0
The file was addedsysmocom/scenarios/mod-enb-cells-intra-freq-ho-sameport.conf
The file was addedsysmocom/scenarios/mod-enb-cells-intra-freq-ho.conf