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  1. OBS: move obs_prepare_conflict to own file (details)
  2. OBS: conflict: move _deb to separate function (details)
  3. OBS: conflict: move pkgver to global variable (details)
  4. OBS: conflict: move common code from _deb to main (details)
  5. OBS: conflict: generate conflicting rpm too (details)
  6. OBS: rename osmo_obs_add_debian_dependency (details)
  7. OBS: add_depend_deb: no self-dependencies (details)
  8. OBS: osmo_obs_add_rpm_spec: refactor (details)
  9. OBS: osmo_obs_add_rpm_spec: depend on conflict pkg (details)
  10. OBS: add %H%M to DT (details)
  11. OBS: nightly: depend on dummy pkg of current date (details)
  12. Revert " don't build osmo-gsm-manuals" (details)
  13. OBS: make rpmlint shlib-fixed-dependency non-fatal (details)

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