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  1. osmo-msc: Use osmo-mgw instead of osmo-bsc_mgcp (details)
  2. osmo-trx: Add cfg template (details)
  3. jenkins: use env POKY_VERSION POKY_PATH to find poky (details)
  4. jenkins: update poky version 2.3.2 (details)
  5. contrib: build-osmo-bts: Remove dropped dependency openbsc (details)
  6. contrib: build-osmo-bsc: Add aibsip-find and ipaccess-config binaries to (details)
  7. modem: get IMSI from ofono (details)
  8. example: Maintain different resources.conf for RnD and prod (details)
  9. modem: workaround ofono crash (details)
  10. Create Pcu abstract class and make OsmoPcu inherit from it (details)
  11. ready_for_pcu is of public access from tests, move it (details)
  12. Create Bts abstract class and make OsmoBts inherit from it (details)
  13. Introduce PcuDummy class (details)
  14. Introduce PowerSupply interface and PowerSupplySispm (details)
  15. Introduce ip.access nanobts support (details)
  16. default-suites.conf: Add nanobts related tests (details)
  17. nanobts: Bind to specific addr instead of specific iface (details)
  18. schema: Accept band GSM-900 (details)
  19. example: Add scenarios to select BTS for a specific band (details)
  20. nanobts: Add support to run nanobts on the 900 band (details)
  21. example: Run tests on both nanobts with different bands (details)
  22. templates: osmo-bsc: Remove no longer available cfgs (details)
  23. event_loop: Use glib as mainloop impl and move modem to use event_loop (details)
  24. Drop event_loop global functions and import MainLoop (details)
  25. nanobts: Attempt at fixing race condition using ipaccess-config after (details)
  26. ms: Create a cumulative distribution function class (details)
  27. ms: Create a simple epoll (or kqueue) based event loop (details)
  28. ms: Create an event server to handle Unix datagram messages (details)
  29. ms: Add lua script support utilities (details)
  30. ms: Lua part of location update testing (details)
  31. ms: Create template for the osmocom-bb mobile application (details)
  32. ms: Create a starter for virtphy and mobile application (details)
  33. ms: Add a first test to use all parts of the system (details)
  34. ms: Add a main function to start all of it (details)
  35. event_loop: Avoid leaking active timeouts on poll exception (details)
  36. contrib: Enable address-sanitize in builds (details)
  37. contrib: build-osm-bts-sysmo: openbsc dep no longer needed (details)
  38. contrib: build-osmo-trx: Enable addr sanitize for osmo-trx (details)
  39. build-osmo-trx: Disable asan in osmo-trx builds (details)
  40. modem: Catch exception: call removed while waiting to become active (details)
  41. osmo-trx binary is now called osmo-trx-uhd (details)
  42. bts_osmotrx: Don't use binary name as inst name (details)
  43. Check physical channel configs (details)
  44. bts: Refactor conf_for_bsc_osmo (details)
  45. bts: Pass defaults config name at construct time (details)
  46. bts: Move conf_for_bsc_prepare from bts_osmo to bts (details)
  47. bts: Allow setting amount of TRX and timeslot in cfg and from test at (details)
  48. suite: Set suite subdir lib part of syspath so tests can import their (details)
  49. tests: voice: Move logic to lib/ (details)
  50. tests: voice: test voice calls on TCH/H timeslots (details)
  51. tests: voice: Move to (details)
  52. tests: dyn_ts_*: Add tests to verify dynamic timeslots during phone (details)
  53. default-suites.conf: Add dyn ts suites (details)
  54. default-suites.conf: Fix typo in previous commit (details)
  55. suites: Remove rebase artifacts from latest commits (details)
  56. Unload suite local modules after suite exit to avoid collisions (details)
  57. util: Fix unloading of suite lib import path (details)
  58. tests: dyn_ts_*: Add tests to verify dyn ts with gprs disabled (details)
  59. contrib: common: Record repo curr rev in have_repo instead of build_repo (details)
  60. contrib: common: create_bin_tgz supports sbin dir now (details)
  61. contrib: Add to build osmocon (details)
  62. testenv: Provide tests with access to process module (details)
  63. contrib: build-osmocom-bb: Download and install osmocom-bb fw from OBS (details)
  64. templates: osmo-bts: Use BTS assigned IP addr to bind CTRL and VTY iface (details)
  65. bsc: Add API to mock BSC RSL IP addr (details)
  66. process: Move cleanup log inside cleanup method (details)
  67. Add option to expect bts/pcu failures and respawn its processes (details)
  68. osmo-bsc.cfg.tmpl: Remove unused nd recently removed option dest (details)
  69. powersupply_sispm: Add port number to log name (details)
  70. event_loop: Log parameters during wait timeout exception (details)
  71. osmo_ms_driver: Use the two new config options for the mobile (details)
  72. ggsn: Bind VTY and CTRL ifaces to assigned ip addr (details)
  73. ms: Use the new API to pass credentials to the event server (details)
  74. resources.conf: Move nanobts address to differentiate them from local (details)

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