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  1. ms: Quit early when all tests concluded.. (details)
  2. ms: Simplify starting of the test and combine loop and wait (details)
  3. ms: Only use completed tests for min/max handling (details)
  4. ms: Remove unused imports (details)
  5. ms: Make the total test duration configurable (details)
  6. Add ttcn3-bts-test env (details)
  7. bts: Recreate resources.conf trx_list with len based on num_trx (details)
  8. nanobts: Support multiTRX (details)
  9. Build osmo-hlr before osmo-msc (details)
  10. bts_nanobts: Fix pwsup_list increasing its size every new test (details)
  11. Update modem paths after HW setup changes (details)
  12. Cleanup of class scoped variables (details)
  13. osmo-hlr.cfg.tmpl: Add ussd routing prefix for *#100# and fix expected (details)
  14. Introduce scenario modifiers (details)
  15. Replace suites dyn_ts_ipa* and voice using scenario modifiers (details)
  16. osmo-bsc,msc: Set mgw local-ip in cfg.tmpl (details)
  17. Add channel_allocator cfg attr to bts resources (details)
  18. Add testsuite + scenarios to test nanoBTS multiTRX (details)
  19. Check for the sispm dependency (details)
  20. suite: Fix generation of config() dictionary (details)
  21. osmo-bsc: Parametrize codec-list VTY cfg (details)
  22. default-suites: Add suites testing different codecs (details)
  23. default-suites: Remove octobts tests (details)
  24. osmo-bts-trx: Big refactor and cleanup of osmo-trx related code (details)
  25. Check for smpplib being installed as well (details)
  26. Generate imsi/ki on OsmoMobile construction (details)
  27. Allow to access imsi/ki from the OsmoMobile instances (details)
  28. Remove tests for unspecified speech HR2 (details)
  29. contrib: Disable installing unneeded systemd service files (details)
  30. Build and use osmo-bsc_mgcp from openbsc.git instead of osmo-mgw.git (details)
  31. Keep track of all mobiles and copy them to unstarted later (details)
  32. Sanitize existing suite names (details)
  33. build: Add overload to clone repo and build in subdirectory (details)
  34. osmo-bts-trx: Add multiTRX support (details)
  35. osmo-trx: Add multi_arfcn support (details)
  36. default-suites: Remove nanobts HR1 voice test (details)
  37. encryption: Reuse code using test lib features (details)
  38. contrib: Add (details)
  39. contrib: Build osmo-msc with IU support (details)
  40. contrib: Build osmo-sgsn with IU support (details)
  41. suites: encryption: Add test register_a5_3_authreq (details)
  42. contrib: Use correct var to write repo name in git_hashes.txt (details)
  43. Add dynts suite to test switch between PDCH and TCH (details)
  44. default-suites.conf: Add empty lines to easily spot different sections (details)
  45. Optimize and re-use an existing repository (details)
  46. Package mobile and virtphy as part of osmocom-bb as well (details)
  47. Be able to switch-off ASAN builds of our binaries. (details)
  48. Make code copying inst through ssh generic (details)
  49. osmotrx: Allow running osmo-trx from remote host (details)
  50. osmotrx: Make sure remote process stops after ssh session is closed (details)
  51. bts_osmo: Only check for socket path in ready_for_pcu() (details)
  52. Use specific remote machine to run osmo-trx (details)
  53. osmo-trx: Enable multi_arfcn for B200 and only in multiTRX setup (details)
  54. default-suites.conf: Add test to check multiTRX with Ettus B200 (details)
  55. templates: Update .cfg files to use logging level set-all (details)
  56. Drop unused sysmobts-mgr.cfg.tmpl (details)
  57. defaults.conf: Add SDCCH8 ts in TRX1 cfg (details)
  58. Update TRX host ip addr (details)
  59. bsc: Record RSL traffic in case rsl_ip and oml_ip differs (details)
  60. osmo-bts-trx: Add support for osmo-trx-lms (details)
  61. ttcn3: Support running tests without PCU socket avail (details)
  62. ttcn3: Allow remote hosts (sysmobts) to access RSL srv inside TTCN3 (details)
  63. First round of clean-ups of imports and unused variables (details)
  64. process: Make sure sync process is terminated if ogt is stopped (details)
  65. defaults.conf: Set valid default codec_list matching avail TS types (details)
  66. default-suites: Remove .conf suffic from scenarios (details)
  67. default-suites.conf: Make sure we use fr codec with IPA dyn TS (details)
  68. Always initialize the _started in the test (details)
  69. Create a "ms_driver" stub for the testsuite (details)
  70. contrib: build-osmo-sgsn: Depend on osmo-hlr build (details)
  71. utils: Introduce (details)
  72. utils: Introduce (details)
  73. utils: Add osmo-gsm-tester_setcap_net_*.sh scripts (details)
  74. Add support to test gprs IPv4 data plane (details)
  75. pcap_recorder: Add support to run in netns (details)
  76. resources.conf: Add extra IPaddr to pool (details)
  77. Introduce iperf3 testing infrastructure (details)
  78. Add support to enable EGPRS (details)
  79. default-suites.conf: Enable testing egprs (details)
  80. resources.conf: ec20: Enable voice support (details)
  81. ms_driver: Initialize event_server_sk_tmp_dir in ctor (details)
  82. ms_driver: Use terminate not kill and initialize in ctor (details)
  83. Update modem info after HW upgrade (details)
  84. ms_driver: Fix subject in the header (details)
  85. osmo-trx: Add support for dev-args cfg parameter (details)
  86. Add UmTRX device (details)
  87. default-suites: Add tests for UmTRX (details)
  88. iperf3: Fix parsing of incorrect json from iperf3 (details)
  89. process: Move standalone run_local_sync as method of Process (details)
  90. process: launch_sync: allow non success return (details)
  91. nanobts: ipacces-config: Use process.launch_sync helper (details)
  92. templates: osmo-pcu: Set log level from dbg to info (details)
  93. templates: osmo-pcu-sysmo: Set log level from dbg to info (details)
  94. misc: Use RPATH to avoid having tests to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (details)
  95. ms_driver: Allow to specify env and binary name/path (details)
  96. ms_driver: Switch to process.Process from subprocess (details)
  97. default-suites: Enable tests for LimeSDR-USB (details)
  98. resources.conf.rnd: gobi2k changed by ec20 (details)
  99. iperf3: Allow changing port of iperf3 server (details)
  100. iperf3: implement str() method in iperf3 server (details)
  101. tests: iperf3: Support testing parallel iperf3 clients in test (details)
  102. templates: bsc/nitb: Remove explicit no force-combined-si (details)
  103. resources.conf: Set UHD identifiers on B200 devices (details)
  104. suites: gprs: Add test to verify MS can use gprs after long idle time (details)
  105. suites: gprs: Add test to verify CS paging works while MS is GPRS (details)
  106. ms_driver: use the util.Dir and create one dir per instance (details)
  107. ms_driver: Consult the suite to get the binaries (details)
  108. suites: Add an initial test for the ms_driver (details)

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