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Run the a testsuite from docker-playground.git.
If this job ends in -latest, the job runs the latest stable versions of the Osmocom stack. Otherwise the nightly builds.
See TTCN3 Testsuite for more information.
This project is currently disabled
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Last Successful Artifacts
bscs.config340 B view
osmo-bsc-nat.cfg908 B view
osmo-bsc-nat.log121.39 KB view
BSCNAT_Tests.cfg666 B view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_ctrl_location.merged109.92 KB view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_ctrl_location.netcat.stderr0 B view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_ctrl_location.pcap.gz6.13 KB view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_ctrl_location.pcap.stdout167 B view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_recv_dump.merged2.00 MB view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_recv_dump.netcat.stderr0 B view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_recv_dump.pcap.gz23.41 KB view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_recv_dump.pcap.stdout167 B view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_recv_dump_osmux.merged1.98 MB view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_recv_dump_osmux.netcat.stderr0 B view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_recv_dump_osmux.pcap.gz24.13 KB view
BSCNAT_Tests.TC_recv_dump_osmux.pcap.stdout167 B view
junit-xml-21.log417 B view
Latest Test Result (1 failure / +1)