1. gnuradio zmq broker refactoring (details)
Commit fbb8611381c6572a282aeb785c5c48cb4cb16a04 by pespin
gnuradio zmq broker refactoring

First step towards support everal ENBs and installing the remote script
at runtime:

* The gnuradio broker class is moved to its own file, to decouple it
  from RFemu.
* The ENBs are registered earlier in the test so that the GrBroker knows
  when to start (delay start + setup until all ENBs have been configured).
* Handle ENBs internally as a list.

Change-Id: I4f1095bbc7ed0a816fe47caef44f7becadd9d737
The file was addedsrc/osmo_gsm_tester/obj/gnuradio_zmq_broker.py
The file was modifiedsrc/osmo_gsm_tester/obj/enb.py
The file was modifiedsrc/osmo_gsm_tester/obj/rfemu_gnuradio_zmq.py